Tuesday, March 31, 2009

29 days, 20 hrs, 42 mins, 09 secs

This is how long we have until we are married!! (at least at the time I started writting this....obviously time is still going.) Faiver and I are both very excited and ready for this big change in our lives...well, we're mostly ready...I don't think anyone is every fully ready for what marriage will bring, but we are excited about moving ahead. Mostly everything is done, too, so that reduces the stress significantly. Just so everyone out there knows, I am getting the best man in the entire world. He is my life and my happiness. It's gonna be great!! :)

just look at that face!!

Sister Noyes, Faiver's sponsor, threw me a bridal shower last Saturday. It was so much fun!! it was interesting to see all the aspects of my life come together in one room: there were friends from work, from school, from church, from apartments and from the mission there. It was such a special day and it made me realize even more how much I love Faiver. (sorry if this is too mushy for some of you, but I don't care...it's how I feel) :) I also got fitted for my dress that day and I get to pick it up on April 15th. One more thing taken care of! Life is good

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So it has been a while, but we finally have all of our invitations mailed off (so if you sent me your address, get ready for it!).  It makes me super excited because it means I'm getting closer to that big day!  Also this week in wedding news, I'm getting fitted for my dress and having my bridal shower.  Whoo!!  I'm so excited!!  In the meantime, we're just finishing up the little details so that everything goes smoothly.  It can't come fast enough :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Go to Europe

I just remembered why I love the English language so so much. I was hanging out with some friends that are not native English speakers and for some reason, the topic of throwing up came up. We have so many ways to say that (like toss your cookies or go to europe). He thought it was a valuble thing to learn...it made me smile and laugh on the inside.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Story

I think a good way to get this blog going is to tell our story.  

It all began during the winter semester of 2008.  I work at the English Language Center and Faiver is taking classes there.  One day (or something like that) he decided that he'd like to get to know me better and take me out on a date.  However, he didn't start with that.  We were having the closing social at the end of the semester and that day he asked me for my phone number.  Over the next few weeks, he would text me about little things.  At the beginning of May, I went back to Ohio (my mission) to visit and he even texted me while I was there (we're so modern, huh?).  When I got back, he wanted to do something together.  He found out that I like to go running, so he suggested that we do that.  I thought it was cool; we were just friends after all. It soon became apparent that he wanted something more.  Well, I was dating someone else at the time and it wasn't going well; I broke up with that someone else soon after returning from Ohio but just didn't want to be in another relationship.  That certainly didn't stop Faiver. He was persistent, but I was stubborn.  One day he came into the ELC and didn't say a word to me!  I wasn't interested in dating him but I still wanted to be friends.  I decided that I would initiate some type of activity so I could salvage our friendship.  I suggested running.  He agreed and we went.  As we were walking back to my apartment, we were talking about my Tae Kwon Do classes.  He asked if I had them everyday, I said I had them on Tuesdays and Fridays but I usually wouldn't go on Friday because it was the weekend.  Then, slick as he is, he asked what I usually did on Fridays.  Oh, goodness!  I knew where this was going!  Anyway, he asked me out for the following Friday and I agreed.  I had to give him at least one chance, right?

The day of the date came and he came to pick me up from my apartment.  We went back to his place where he had prepared a three-course meal!  It was delicious and we talked about a lot of things.  I thought it went well, so when he asked me out again I accepted.  This time we went with some other friends to eat, watch a soccer game, go bowling and hang out.  It was fun as well.  That night, after walking me to my door, he kissed me.  Shortly thereafter we became "official" and we've been together ever since!

On the first of November, he asked me to marry him.  It was such a happy day!!  He is the sweetest guy I know and I'm so lucky to be able to spend eternity with him.  

After the proposal

My ring!

New stuff!!

Hello everyone.  I just decided that this would be a fun thing to do to keep people updated in the life of my soon-to-be-husband and me.  We'll see how it goes. :)  As of now, I am at work (with a little down time on my hands) and I was checking out some friends' blogs.  So, I decided to join the blogging world!!  I mean, Facebook is good and all, but not everyone uses it or wants to use it. Plus, it's just a bit overrated.  This is the beginning of a good thing....hopefully.  It will be a representation of life as we know it.