Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I drink LEMONADES!!!

So, I love summer...the weather, the sun, the many activities one can do, and the wonderful taste of the best summer drink ever - LEMONADE...it really is the best! This summer has been great for a few reasons. First, Faiver and I have done some things we have not done in the past (like going to Seven Peaks). I love doing things with him and we have so much fun together. Secondly, there were fireworks! I think they are spectacular and magical and I just love them! Last, but certainly not least, three of my family members came to visit us out here in the dry, hot, lovely state of Utah!! They were able to do lots of things (some of which Faiver and I had to skip because of work..blah!) and it was wonderful to see them. Mom was able to spend some time with her mom as well. Cheryl visited BYU and is considering attending next year. Phillip bonded with Faiver and had fun picking on me with him. What are brothers for, right?! All in all, we had a blast together! Now, sit back, get some lemonade and enjoy some pictures from our adventures...

The very beautiful Cheryl! Taking a break from the slides to have some lunch :)

All of us. This is the slide that Phillip rode...twice!!

Faiver and me after the parade. The missionaries in Provo marched in the parade!

My grandma (who would kill me if she knew this was here)! Yay for BYU!!

Us at the Salt Lake Bee's game. Mom, Cheryl and Phillip waiting for the fireworks.

People sitting on the field waiting....fireworks!!! Yay!

Did you enjoy your lemonade?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Stuff

Here are some things we've done since the last time I wrote...

It snowed in May... ...but then it got really green!

We went to the park with Toby CHEESE!!!

Our friend, Hyrum, got married and Faiver helped decorate the car

Cheryl (Mom and Phillip) came to visit! Love this little sister!!

We went to the zoo and Toby LOVED the lion on the carousel...I rode the elephant :)

So far, it's been a GREAT summer!