Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Good Things in Life

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated being married for 9 months!! I can't believe that it has been nine months...I feel like it has gone by so fast, but when I look back on all that has happened, it seems incredible. I am so glad to always have this wonderful man by my side. We had a pretty normal day, but we had some fun at night by going ice skating. It had been a while since we'd gone ice skating. I fell back into it really easily, but it took Faiver a little longer :) I absolutely LOVE ice skating!! I'm not super good at it, but I could stay there doing it for hours. When he was tired of it and wanted to go home, I asked if I could just do 5 more laps around the rink!! :) It was so much fun and super romantic. Yes, we held hands as we skated.

This is from 2008 when we went for his birthday

Something funny happened today in Primary at church. We both teach in Primary, but Faiver teaches the 9-year-olds and I teach the 5-year-olds. In my class today, we were talking about following Jesus instead of following Satan. We were saying how we don't want to follow Satan. Reid raised his hand and said, "Yeah but we don't want to follow Obama either because he wants to take everyone's money." It was so funny!! Working with little kids is always interesting :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Language Teaching

Every Sunday, Faiver and I have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. We have fun catching up and practicing our Spanish together. Yesterday, Faiver tried to teach Toby some new words. (For those who don't know, Toby is our nephew and he'll turn 2 this week.) He says some words pretty well if we just have him repeat them. Anyway, Faiver sat him on the table in front of him and said words in Spanish while Toby repeated them. He did pretty well with most of them, although he's not so good with the "c" sound. Faiver tried to get him to say "comida" and Toby kept saying "pizza"!! Well, at least they're related ideas :) He's a cute kid and watching my husband with him warms my heart!

What a cutie!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thursday January 21, 2010 is a day that will always be remembered by my husband and me. We went to Murray in the morning for the most important interview of our lives: his interview to become a permanent resident of the United States. I was so nervous but we had everything we needed, so I tried to be confident. We arrived in Murray an hour early so we decided to eat breakfast since we couldn't go to the Immigration office yet. -Funny side note: We were on our way to McDonald's and Faiver turned left at a light but just made a U-turn. Right after that, a cop pulled behind him. Luckily, we weren't stopped although it was a funny start to our morning!- After that, we went to the office and checked in with security. We waited only about 10 minutes before getting called back. The immigration officer led us back to his office and had us stand so he could "swear us in". That was the first time I've ever done that!! Then he asked us for tons of documentation to show that we were really married and in a legitimate relationship. After 15 tense minutes, he informed us that he could now be a permanent resident. We were so happy!! He'll receive his green card in about 10 days. He is official!!

We told our parents and then went about the day as usual. We went to celebrate at Chef's Table in Orem. I have heard that it is so good so I wanted to try it. It was really fancy! There was a guy playing the piano, the front-lady took my coat and gave me a number, the table had a candle and a rose on was really nice. The food was good too. For dessert, Faiver had German Chocolate cake, for the first time, and I had Creme Brulee. It was yummy!!
I'm so glad that everything went well and that I could enjoy this wonderful time with my husband.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, I haven't been good at blogging lately, but my new goal is to write at least once a week, maybe more if something really interesting happens.  I'm sure I'll have tons to write about :)

The holidays went off well.  Faiver and I spent them mostly by ourselves, enjoying our first holidays as a married couple.  Christmas Eve, we spent a little time with my cousin Katie and her husband, her parents and my grandma.  It was fun!  We played "Christmas" games, which was interesting.  During charades Faiver acted out "Frosty the Snowman".  It was awesome :)  Christmas day we did our own thing and then went to Kris' parents' house for dinner.  It was very sweet of them to invite us.  We got to see Nathaniel and Kris and my little Toby.  He's getting so big!!  New Years was spent enjoying each other's company.  What a great time to be married.

In other news, we spent this extended weekend in Cedar City with Faiver's mission companion, Drew, and his wife, Kylie.  It was really fun and soooo good to get out of Provo for a little while. We played Mario Party on their Wii, watched movies, talked about life and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over a fire pit.  It was a blast!!  In getting to Cedar, we drove our 1991 Subaru Legacy the 215 miles from Provo to their house.  That thing is amazing!  It drove so smoothly and didn't give us any trouble.  We didn't even use the whole tank of gas!!  After resting for a few days, it made the trip back home just as smoothly.  We are definitely blessed. (And my husband is a great driver.  Thanks honey!!)