Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 Months!!!

Yesterday, Faiver and I celebrated our 11th month as a married couple. I cannot believe we are so close to a year of marriage; it has gone by so fast! Since this anniversary fell on a Tuesday, we just spent a simple evening together: after a day of work and class, I came home to make dinner and have everything ready for when Faiver got done with work. I made dinner and arranged the table to be "fancy". I picked him up from work and we drove home to a wonderful yet simple dinner. Faiver opened his present I got for him and we ate together. I had to do some visiting teaching, but then we passed the rest of the night with each other. It was really nice. I love this man so much!!

Our fancy dinner table

Opening his present

Books for his coins

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wells Fargo

My wonderful husband has been looking for a good job for quite some time. He took a job a Brick Oven, a local restaurant, but it was not giving him very many hours and he was getting bored with it. We bank at Wells Fargo and one of the bankers there told him he should apply for a position there. He filled out an online application and promptly heard back from them. After a long group interview in Salt Lake and another interview in one of the branches, he was offered the job! He is now working as a bank teller in the Provo Towne Center branch. He is their Spanish specialist and is loving it. It makes me happy to see him so happy with his job. It's a great opportunity for him.