Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Special Visit

During the whole graduation-wedding stretch, Faiver had a special opportunity to have a couple people from his ward in Colombia come to visit. His former bishop's wife (Jimena) and daughter (Margie) came to share in the festivities. They first came to Utah to experience...well a lot of stuff and to see where it is that Faiver lives. He had a great time showing them around and being a tour guide for them. They did tons of stuff from just hanging around BYU to going to Moab. They all had a great time. I could not accompany them in all of their fun because I was with my family and then in North Carolina waiting for April 30th to come. They had a blast and that's really what matters. Jimena was able to be in the temple with us and that was so special especially for Faiver...he had someone there from Colombia to whom he is very close. Jimena and Margie both stayed at my house for a few days after the wedding and reception. That was fun for all! It was so great to have them here and now we miss them.

This was in Park City...they LOVED the snow!

One of my favorites. This is Jimena looking through the photographer's camera

They even came to my graduation!

The historic Provo Library

Jimena and Margie with Faiver at the temple

With my sisters, mom and I at our hotel in D.C.

Go Cougars!

They didn't miss a thing

What a good one of Jimena

Faiver was the tour guide...the thirsty tour guide

Jimena and Margie...both so beautiful

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