Saturday, August 22, 2009

How the time flies!!

I just realized that besides my rather short blog post about our interesting media, the last time I've updated our blog was in May!! My goodness, how time flies. Faiver and I have been married for three and a half months and we're living in a different apartment. We have a lot more room in this one and we're really enjoying it. I just got done with my weekly cleaning. I even put up some more decorations to make it feel more homey. I love being a wife!

So this summer has been tons of fun. We've done lots of things together and with other people. Here are some pics, documenting the fun we've been having:

We decided to make a sign for our door...I'm just putting on some final touches

At the ward FHE...Faiver did the cooking (Carlos helped some too)

At the Manti Pageant

My mission president came home!! Holy Cow!!

This is the cake I made for Colombia's Independence Day

Faiver was the cook again. He's just amazing!

We went to the Spanish Fork Rodeo. It was amazing and tons of fun!

Horseback riding with the bishop. It was my first time and they said I did pretty good :)

So as you can see, we're having a lot of fun but we still work a lot. Faiver has been helping out a friend with some landscaping and he's really good at it. Ah, my husband; a man of many talents. Life is good!

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CoyoteLion said...

Wow, looks like you've been busy. Hey! It's the Petersons! :)