Thursday, August 15, 2013

NC trip/Cheryl's wedding

We went to North Carolina to visit family and be at Cheryl's wedding. It was an awesome, exhausting, frustrating, much needed trip. I love NC, the green, and the beach. I love being called "darlin', ma'am, hun, and sugar" by everyone. There's no place like the South, and I miss it a lot. Don't get me wrong, Utah is wonderful too. I love the mountains and the fact that it's not humid, but NC will always be first in my heart. The girls were great on the plane, on the long drive to and from D.C., and adjusting to a not-so-regular schedule. It was great to see my siblings and their kids and my niece LaRae (she was there for the wedding). Even though I didn't get to see all the people I wanted to see while we were there, it was great to go. Pictures will now serve to narrate the rest of what happened on the trip.

Emily's first plane trip!

Lily loved being on the plane

Lily and her Minnie Mouse suitcase


Lily and Alexander had lots of fun together

Lily smothering Emily :)

Emily passed out on Grandpa...he loved
having time with her

The newlyweds! And Lily :)

Mom made the dresses for the girls

The wedding party

Lily, Daddy, and Emily waited in
the visitor's center while we did pictures

We got to visit our friends Brian, Suzie and Issac!

Lily loved jumping the waves

beach time! (don't worry, Emily stayed in the shade)

Lily wasn't thrilled about the sand at first, but then got
used to it and had a blast

chasing seagulls

fun in the sand

Michelle hanging out with her daddy
Happy Emily at the beach

Lily and Grandma in front of B's BBQ ever!! 

The funniest thing about the trip was when we were landing in Salt Lake City. Lily had been awake for the whole trip and was sitting in the window seat. She was looking out the window while we landed. After we were on the ground, I thought she was trying to see things around the wing of the plane, but it turned out that her head was bobbing because she had fallen asleep! Of all the times to sleep!! It was pretty funny :)

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Suzie said...

Hey Andrea!! I am just now catching up on blogs! ha! So glad you had such an amazing time and that we were able to catch up too!!!!!