Monday, January 25, 2010

Language Teaching

Every Sunday, Faiver and I have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. We have fun catching up and practicing our Spanish together. Yesterday, Faiver tried to teach Toby some new words. (For those who don't know, Toby is our nephew and he'll turn 2 this week.) He says some words pretty well if we just have him repeat them. Anyway, Faiver sat him on the table in front of him and said words in Spanish while Toby repeated them. He did pretty well with most of them, although he's not so good with the "c" sound. Faiver tried to get him to say "comida" and Toby kept saying "pizza"!! Well, at least they're related ideas :) He's a cute kid and watching my husband with him warms my heart!

What a cutie!!

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Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Cute!! That would be funny to watch ;)