Friday, June 3, 2011

First Motherhood Scare

This kid isn't even out of me yet and he's already making me worry!! On Tuesday, he decided not to move as much as usual. I was nervous because I have heard that this is not a good sign. Faiver and I decided to give it one more day and see if he picked up his activity. Wednesday was only a little better, so I called my doctor's office. The nurse, after returning my phone call, told me to drink something sweet, lay on my left side and count movements. I should feel 10-15 in the next 30 minutes. She told me if not, then I should call her back. I did as she instructed and felt him move, but it wasn't as often as she said. I called back and left another message. While waiting, I laid down again and he moved more the 2nd half hour. She called back and said my doctor wanted me to go into Labor and Delivery at the hospital for some tests, just to make sure everything was ok. I was freaking out!! I went to get Faiver from work and we headed over to get me checked in. I was so scared!

We got there and the nurse took me into the room. I got changed and got into the bed to wait. As soon as I laid down, my sweet son decided it was time to move like crazy!! Argh!!! The nurse came in and I told her everything. She then informed me that I should be able to feel 6-10 movements in an hour! Big difference from what I was told earlier!! Oh, well. I was there and they hooked me up to the monitor that would check his heart rate and track his movements. Faiver and I waited for an hour before the nurse came back in. She said everything looked great and that the doctor said I could go home. Peace of mind is great, but I did not enjoy the moment of PANIC before receiving it! What a stinker :) but I love him anyway.

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