Wednesday, June 20, 2012

11 months and more

Wow! I just realized that the last time I blogged, Lily was just turning 6 months old. This past week she had her 11 month "birthday". Needless to say, it's time to blog about that little bug. Every day I am reminded more and more how blessed we are to have this beautiful daughter. She is the light of our lives and makes every day an adventure. Her wonderful Aunt Muriel is here for the summer to nanny while I go back to work. It is hard to leave but I love coming home to her excited squeals! Here are some things that have happened in the last 5 months, in no particular order (oh my gosh! 5 months! gotta pick it up!):

- separation anxiety...I've been in school/work almost Lily's whole life, but lately she has become very clingy and fussy when I breaks my heart!
- cruising around the furniture/walls/anything that will hold her up
- she understands both her daddy and me when we tell her to do certain things (Spanish and English, baby!!)
- commands she understands (in Spanish and English): come here, can I have it?, where's your (any familiar object), go get mommy/daddy, say bye-bye, say hi, give kisses, want some (any type of food), dance, bounce, splash, no
- gives open mouth kisses!
- likes to crawl over people when they are on the floor
- laughs when mommy and daddy hug - she likes to see that people are affectionate
- VERY grabby!! especially with things that are NOT toys
- Sunday she started walking with her little push was the best thing ever!!
- plays "gonna get you" and laughs so hard
- her two favorite foods are mango and squash
- thinks we should give her some of our food whenever we're eating
- loves books

I'm sure there are many more that will come to mind as soon as I post this, but that's all for now. What a great adventure to be a mom!!

What a sweet girl!
Swinging at the park


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