Friday, September 21, 2012

My bug is ONE!!

So, if anyone out there actually reads my blog, they'll know that I'm writing this quite a bit after Lily's first birthday. Better late than never :) Our little bug turned one in July, and I remember planning and getting everything ready for the party while thinking, "really?? I have a one-year-old??" Oh how time flies.

The day before her birthday, we went to FotoFly Away to do her one-year pictures. It was really nice because my parents were able to be in a few pictures too! They went to California for their 30th wedding anniversary and decided to stop in Utah on their way back home. It just so happened that their trip overlapped with Lily's birthday. It was so nice to have them here!! So, FotoFly is an amazing place for pictures. I love the work they do, although I didn't have a good experience getting my prints from them this time...that's another issue though. Our little Lily is so photogenic and just LOVES having her picture taken! See for yourself:

She did this pose all by herself!
Yay for family!

Once again, all by herself. What a ham!

We did the cake smash with a cupcake. She loved it!

The day of her actual birthday was pretty low-key. We went out to dinner and sang to her, but the party was the next day, and since she's one, we didn't think she'd really care that she wasn't opening presents and having cake on her actual birthday. :) The party was stressful, but that just comes with being the hostess. Our friend let us have the party at his's much bigger than our little apartment! Faiver made arroz con pollo and French Fries, and I made the appetizers and the cake. My mom decorated it the way I wanted it...she's amazing! The house was soon filled with friends and family that came to celebrate with us. Lily was a little nervous at first, but then she was ok. She wasn't too interested when it came to opening presents, and everyone staring and cheering when she ate her cake scared her, so that didn't last long. All in all, it was a great day!

The serving table
Ladybug appetizers...aren't they cute?!
Cake time!!
Thanks, Mom!!
Lily definitely makes our lives happier, more interesting, and just better. Happy Birthday, Lily bug! We love you!!

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