Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tender Mercy

I have these Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy dolls that my grandma made for me when I was younger. Recently, I was able to bring them from my parent's house in NC to Utah, so I could have them and one day pass them on to my girls. Right now they sit on my bed, which is wonderful because it reminds me of my wonderful grandma.

Every now and then, Lily climbs up on the bed (after I'm done making it, the little pill) and takes one of them off to play with. Yesterday, she was playing with Raggedy Andy when his collar came up. She was trying to push it down, but it wasn't working, so she asked for my help. While I helped her pull it down, she pulled too hard, and I found this:

I might have known it was there when I first received them from my grandma, but I certainly did not know/remember it was there. I checked Raggedy Anne too, and sure enough, my grandma had sewn one on her too. Partly because I'm extra emotional because of pregnancy but mostly due to the fact that I felt it was her saying this to me, I cried. It was a wonderful gift to come across this again today. Now these dolls hold even more meaning for me, and I love it that Lily loves to hold them. I think she knows they're very special, too.

Thanks, Grandma Terry. I love you too!!

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