Thursday, March 21, 2013

Colombian Visitors

The last week or so has been pretty busy but for a good reason. Margie and her dad, Fabian, were visiting! They came up because Margie is going to start taking classes at the ELC in May. It was so nice to have time to spend with them. Faiver acted as tour guide, and our wonderful friend offered his house as our "hub" for the week. We all stayed there together, and it was a blast. I'll narrate through pictures:

I must preface this by saying Faiver, Fabian, and Margie actually did quite a bit without Lily and me. I stayed at the house a lot because Lily has to take naps, and we didn't want to slow down the time Fabian had to enjoy his time here. These pictures represent the things I was present for :)

We played on the slides. Lily loved it!
At a pavilion near the Mt. Timp. Temple
I had a slight kitchen mishap :)

We went to Thanksgiving Point
Lily's not a huge fan of "up-close" animals
You can't really tell from this picture,
but she did not enjoy her first pony ride!
Clever sign :)
She was fine with being close as long as the animals
were in their enclosures
On the ground, Lily came up
to the horse's knee!!
Lily loved the animals, especially the birds
Margie and me at Olive Garden
Faiver, Fabian, and Margie also spent one whole day on Temple Square (we went up to join them for dinner at the Roof Restaurant, treated by our wonderful friend); they went to Music and the Spoken Word (plus some other things up there) on Sunday. I had the privilege to show them around BYU and the ELC, introduce them to BYU Creamery ice cream, and show them where we live. In the little bit of down-time we had, we played Wii, watched movies, cooked together, and had FHE the last night Fabian was in town. It was a great week, and we are glad to have Margie staying with us for a bit before her semester starts. Oh, I almost forgot, they brought us a TON of stuff from Colombia, and we couldn't be happier!! We received lots of arequipe, Jet chocolates, bocadillos, chocoramos, earrings for Emily, a Colombian cookbook for me, a dress and decorations for Lily's room, and some Colombian flag ribbon (for a project I'm gonna do). That should tide us over until we can go back down in a couple of years!

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