Friday, September 21, 2012

Colombia 2012

We went to Colombia!! That's all..........just kidding. We had originally planned to take this trip next year in the summer, but we felt we should take it sooner. So, we made the arrangements and got all ready to go in August. It was a really great trip. We spent a few days in Bogota, a few more in Neiva, and the last part of our trip was spent in Cartagena. Lily was an amazing traveler. The plane rides didn't phase her, she adjusted well to the time difference, she like the bouncing of the bus rides in Bogota, she loved the food and the people, and she just had a good time. A piece of advice, food in Colombia is with your own or travel with a child that will eat what you're eating!

In Bogota, we visited some of Faiver's extended family, Monserrate, la Candelaria, the president's plaza (I don't actually know what it's called), and ate lots of yummy food. We were in Bogota the shortest amount of time, and because Lily needs naps, we didn't see as many things as we had originally planned. It was really great, though. Lily liked to make noises when she bounced on the bus! It was classic!  
Daddy and Lily at Monserrate
with Abuelita :)

Lily loved her food 
On the plane from Bogota to Neiva 

We stayed in Neiva the longest. We visited lots of friends and family, ate lots of yummy food, went to Playa Juncal, went to the river, and got to see parts of the city that we hadn't been to last time. It was unbearably hot, but we managed! Thank goodness our friend stayed in a hotel with AC so Lily could take good naps. It was a life saver!!

This baby can sleep anywhere!
It was super hot at the river, and she slept for like an hour!!
Us with Faiver's mom
Cartagena was beautiful! We rented an apartment right on the beach, so we only had to walk the length of a football field to be in the ocean. The water was wonderful and warm! Lily was a little hesitant at first, but then she started to like it. We went to see the castle, saw lots of stuff on our bus tour, took a boat tour to some islands, met an Italian actor, and had a very relaxing end to our vacation. I loved it there.
One of the stops on the bus tour
at the castle

on our way to the islands
getting in the ocean was a welcome relief from the heat

Hopefully we can go back to Colombia soon. It is a wonderful place with wonderful people and amazing food.

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BrittbeeLynn said...

Wow, what an awesome trip!! Now it's time to visit the exotic land of NC ;)