Friday, April 19, 2013


April has been passing by way too fast! I can't believe that it's already past the middle of the month. Nothing too exciting or life changing has been happening lately, but my daughter always keeps me entertained. Also, it's been really nice to have Margie staying with us. I will really miss her when she moves into her apartment at the end of the month. At least she'll still be close and can come over whenever she likes! Here are some pictures of things we've been doing lately:

Eating Arequipe like a true Colombian

She loves her new sunglasses

She likes to put on everyone's shoes! These
are Margie's slippers

Snack time with a friend :)

Her new favorite thing at the park

Wanted to help me take out the trash - she
went all the way outside, and I lifted her up
so she could throw the trash in the dumpster

Waiting for Daddy and Margie to come
out at the Color Festival

She eats the hot dog, leaves the cornbread

Her new favorite seat - poor Margie's legs!

"taking a picture" of her newly painted toes

Her choice of accessories 

Riding the carousel with Daddy - took two
turns to decide she really liked it

Enjoying her new organizer - Margie and I
put it together!

Making a candy necklace at Cosmo's Easter Egg Hunt

She did not like Cosmo!

With Daddy before the big "hunt"

Margie and Daddy after Holi (Color Festival)

She did not like the mess!

We played with some more colors at home, so Lily and I
could participate. She was traumatized!! She wouldn't fully
calm down until all of us had taken showers and changed.
(We didn't take Lily in for the actual festival because it was
just way too much powder)

Margie and the puppy my sister-in-law
rented for us to play with

As close as she would get to it!
Good times!

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Kestrel said...

Oh my crap that puppy. I had forgotten how cute he was. I WANT HIM SO MUCH.