Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter 2013

I know this is coming late, but this is how we spent our Easter. It was pretty fun this year because Lily was old enough for us to do Easter-y things with her. I filled her eggs with Cheerios, Goldfish, Vanilla Wafers, and fruit snacks. She loved it!! (and I didn't have to worry about rationing out candy, which we don't want her to have a lot of anyway)

When she woke up, she got her Easter basket

Cute Easter outfit!

She loved her Easter egg "hunt" (We just put them on the
lawn and she picked them up)


Getting ready to dye Easter eggs

After she ate one, Daddy helped her
decorate an egg

Lookin' good (except the one that was supposed to be
purple...the color didn't work out)
Of course the talks in church were wonderful, and we also focused on the real reason for celebrating Easter. We are every thankful for Jesus Christ and His example and teachings. Because He was resurrected, we can be too. Our Savior showed us the way to return to Him, and we strive everyday to follow Him in all we do. Happy Easter!!

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