Friday, April 19, 2013

My Sweet Daughter

I love my daughter so much, not just because she's mine, but because she is wonderful, sweet, and smart, constantly amazing and surprising me. We are raising her to bilingual; her father speaks to her only in Spanish, and I speak to her only in English. Most of the words she says right now are English because she's at home with me all day, but having Margie around has been great because she gets more Spanish during the day now too. She understands both Faiver and me equally, though. Sometimes, it's incredible to see what she really understands. She surprises us a lot. For example, just a couple day ago we were sitting on the couch playing and talking. Margie got her to say "Costco" (super cute), and I was asking her if she loved all the people in her life, to which she answered "yes". So, I asked her if she knew who Emily was (that's what we're naming baby number 2), and she said "yes." Then I asked, "Lily, where is Emily?" She immediately patted my tummy!! I mean, we've been trying to spark understanding by telling her there's a baby/her little sister in there, but I don't think we've every specifically told her, "this is Emily." We talk about it around her, but it's never been directly specified to her. I couldn't believe it!! I think she'll be a great big sister.

Lily loves having Margie in the house. This morning, she's been hanging out just with her (which is why I can get all this blogging done at once), playing "baby"with her, listening to music and "singing" together as well as dancing - she loves to dance. She makes sounds like "whoa," "ouch," and "uh-oh." Here are the words she says so far (most of which don't sound too much like real words, but she's getting there): agua, ojo, butt paste, hola, hello, hi, kiss, Margie, Papa Noyes, no, yes, si, please, paci, hat, ball, bubbles, bus, out, Mommy, Papa, Daddy, juice, oh!, amen (with a Spanish "a"), eyes, baby. She loves to be outside, though this week has been hard because it's either been raining or too cold to play outside. She loves phones - lucky for her Margie's phone is from Colombia, so she gets to play with it a lot since she can't really call/text anyone accidentally. Her food likes continue to impress me. One day, I named different things in the fridge to see what she wanted for breakfast. The only thing she said "yes" to was cucumber. Seriously? Yep, that's what she had for breakfast that day. She loves bologna. Yesterday we had crescent rolls stuffed with bologna and cheese. She way there was bologna inside, made an excited noise, picked out JUST the meat, and left everything else on her plate. She prefers fruits and veggies to meats and carbs. She still eats pretty much anything we put in front of her, which makes mealtimes super wonderful for me. She loves to help around the house. Sometimes she's more hindering than helping, but it's still cute. Her laugh makes my day 100 times better no matter what else is going on. She loves animals, but only if they're in pictures or videos - up close, she's scared. She does the motion and sound of riding a horse every time she sees a picture of one. If it's cold outside, or she wants her blanket on her, or anyone else is putting a blanket on, she'll say "brrrr."

Watching the rain
I just love this little girl so much!! It will be interesting to see what the future years bring us :)

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